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Full Version: Mega Met
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I have shown this a bit in my Mega Man sprite thread,

[Image: meegameet.png]

Basically a Mega Man game where evereything. is. mets. Same story, 4 Met masters (Ice, Magnet, Tomahawk, Tornado), new move: hiding, just like a regular Met.
I have made a Discord Server where you can discuss the game and keep up with the updates. Maybe come help out!
Here is the link:
And yes, I have removed the arms.
And note: this game is in early development, so don't expect any demos or stuff like that.

EDIT: I should probably post some screenshots:
[Image: screenshot102.png][Image: screenshot103.png][Image: screenshot104.png]
[Image: screenshot107.png][Image: screenshot105.png][Image: screenshot109.png]
Here you go. (Note: the title screen is outdated due to the arms, but it's just the large art. everything else is up to date.)
The pseudo 3D effect is a very good idea in the last picture, I think that developing that could be interesting for the game.
I won't use that for stages, I'll use that if I get a 'weapon try' room after the Weapon get screen. Otherwise, it'll be a placeholder.