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Full Version: Untitled Alien Soldier/Megaman Ripoff
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Hey im greeno, you might know me for spriting a flower pot and then leaving

after cornering the market on sprites of flowerpots i decided it was time for the next big step in life. lately ive been chipping away at a yet untitled action platformer/run and gun that's largely inspired by Treasure games but it has a tiny bit of megaman in it too


[Image: CW38fR5.gif]

you shoot rapid fire projectiles but, in a similar vein to Alien Soldier, you can "parry" by double tapping the shoot button. this, if timed right, can neutralize enemy projectiles and turn them into health pickups. mario turning blue is a "strafe" mode you can switch on and off manually.

[Image: l2qmKBq.gif]

pressing down will allow you to guard against attacks and take half damage with no knockback, and pressing down + a lets you do a dash maneuver. like Alien Soldier it's more of an evasive maneuver than a speed maneuver and allows you to get on the other sides of large obstructive enemies but you have to be careful where you end up because there's a short cooldown

[Image: tumblr_p1ebx7seHm1w9g3eko1_500.gif]

akin to megaman but mainly inspired by the likes of viewtiful joe, you accumulate points from the enemies you defeat and can use those points to buy subweapons at a shop inbetween levels. you switch between these weapons on the fly in a pause menu but i plan on making it so you can cycle through them with the shoulder buttons. subweapons are more powerful than your default but they use up a special meter which is not programmed yet hahoo

you mightve guessed but the mario sprites are actually placeholders and this game is intended as an indie game with original characters and stuff. meet Molly Jones

[Image: tumblr_p0pig0qt3o1uq8tj8o1_1280.png] [Image: tumblr_p0pig0qt3o1uq8tj8o2_500.png]

caster for a pirate news station who gets into some hot water when she sneaks into the research facility of an evil scientist and gets her camera girl/best friend captured. fortunately she manages to find a mech suit and fights her way out from the inside in search of her friend. shes about the only character ive designed at this point though

I also plan on doing all the music myself, thus far ive done this thing intended for the first stage. lacking any semblance of guitar chops and trying to play hammy 80s synth metal is going to be hard but hopefully a learning experience

i could probably handle this whole game myself if all the characters were flowerpots but as it stands im really in need of a spriter or two. if anyone wants to help me with that and thinks they could get a cheesy early 90s anime PC Engine CD sort of look it would be much appreciated
[Image: tumblr_p1lml0Bwp41w9g3eko1_500.gif]

the homing shot. the way it goes out and turns a sharp corner towards the nearest enemy was created completely by accident and it looks really weird but i really like how it came out
[Image: tumblr_p1nfia1lzF1w9g3eko1_500.gif]

hold the shot button down to charge the charge shot. release it too early and you get a shot that does normal damage, wait for it to fully charge and…………… hoooooboy!