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Full Version: Duel Tactics (Working name)
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Im currently working on a card/board game and after a few test on handwritten cards, i think its ready for the next step.
But first, lets explain a little bit how it works: 
The premise of the game is to represent the combat of 2 warrior with very different fighting style (martial artist, swordman, magician..) and how they manage their ressource (Stamina, Mana,Ki,Equipment) and position depending on their fighting style. You could say is a mix between Magic The Gathering and Final fantasy tactics with a big focus on positioning and reacting to your opponnent.
At the start of the game, both players choose a class and a character card,  which determine the type of cards/actions your character will be able to do in the duel. For now, there are 3 classes and between 13 and 15 different actions per classes and each player make a deck of 30 cards ( maximum 4 copies) out of those. Characters have differents statistics and passive abilities slightly modifying the deck/class playstyle.

Without going too deep into the rules, there are 3 types of actions, Attack, Buff and Reaction and Rock-Paper-Scissors style, each one is countered by the other: Attacks are countered by Reactions, Reactions are countered by Buffs and Buffs, by Attacks. ( there are of course exceptions)

So, ive begun to create some assets to print them and maybe even program it.
Warning, im really not an artist.
Reaction Card mock up, without text
Attack card mockup
Attack card mockup with text indicator 
Pink rectangles are where the text goes, Green is where the card arts goes. None of those are final, mainly trying to get the proportions correctly.
I wanted to show an example with text but im still working on a font, anyone has experience in creating custom fonts(.ttf) that has multiple colors? I want to make something similar to This but the inside filled up white.
Ive tried with some script with gimp that allow you to "write" with a series of layers as your font, however it gives you no option on the interpolation so its always blurry.

TL;DR Making a card game, having trouble making a font, check the links for shitty art Wink
It's not bad, but there aren't many content like some sprites that aren't GUI.