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Full Version: Bendy Sprite Sheet
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[Image: Bendy-Sprite-Sheet-W-DLC-Skin-708410077]This Is A Sprite Sheet I Made Of Bendy! I'm Posting It Here For Feedback.[Image: Bendy-Sprite-Sheet-W-DLC-Skin-708410077]
As far as sprite edits go, these are pretty good.
I disagree with the above statement honestly. Mainly because I feel like you didn't really look at a reference per say.

My advice on doing things from scratch in the other thread you have made still applies here. My main issues with these edits is that theres way to many jagged lines on the head that, it doesn't really feel like Bendy.

I don't even play the game and I know his ears are way more curved than what you have OP.
this is pretty nice but the shading is kinda bad and again, the ears...