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Full Version: singring and the glass guitar!
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Hi, long time no see.

its been a few years since i last did any sprite art, and ive gotten very rusty. but! im picking things up again. I've got plans for a short rpg/game inspired by the band utopia and their song singring and the glass guitar. ive been playing around with some art to decide how i want the art direction to go, and well, i'm very bad at rpg style sprites and profiles. so what better way to improve than to ask for some help?

i'm starting out with my main boy todd rundgren.

[Image: CCHRQFA.png] 

[Image: kG886UC.png] < updated overworld sprite, with the same palette as the talk sprite and removed mouth.

Imgur album of outfit references (warning, wardrobe malfunctions and many nipples)

Update: Started work on the fire portion of the song, which entails fighting a dragon with a keytar.

[Image: CWfArUT.png]
im so sorry. i have committed a pixel sin.

i didnt like how the dragon was coming out, so i decided to go another route: paint a basic version of the dragon i want in SAI, then downsize it and import it into a limited color canvas. then i went to work cleaning things up.

[Image: JQwkWfN.png]
obviously unfinished, but i wanted to preview how this workflow is working out for me! the head is the only thing that i've finished so far, but you can see how im using this workflow to quickly block things out for refinement.
That is still an impressive looking dragon. If the results look like that, then that short cut is worth it.