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Full Version: Hans-Cuff's Stupendous Thread for Weird Sprites.
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Welcome to the official thread for Hans-Cuff's weird sprites. Don't expect him to make many sprites, he's a slowpoke-Cuff! -"Tay"

[Image: UUC5GuS.png]
I've been working on this Big the Cat sprite in Mania style lately, and I need some criticism on the sprite (The one on the right).

[Image: CiYoWrK.png]  Cute
This looks good. Proportions and shading fit with the aesthetic.
I, Hans, have made new Sonic Sprites. And I need some criticism on them. Here, have a look.

[Image: uqjXNO3.png]
Modern Mania style? I approve and want more! Big Grin
I've been working on this modern Sonic animation for a while, and now I'm gonna show it off
[Image: hL8qyfG.gif]  Smile
Modern Eggman and Big look pretty great so far!
I, Hans, have made a new batch of Fang the Sniper sprites fresh from the ol' sprite makin' machine. Check it out!

[Image: Q2Ql2yE.gif] Ver. 2
I'm REALLY impressed by these.
(11-20-2017, 03:50 PM)Ton Wrote: [ -> ]I'm REALLY impressed by these.
Thanks, Ton! I'm working on the jog cycle for Fang.

[Image: sbmSoQT.gif]Ver. 1

Stay tuned.
[Image: 2p3b945.gif]

Also: Some Splatoon badniks.
Bang, I've disassembled the SONIC 3 &KNUCKLES logo. W.I.P
[Image: Zz31Sry.png]Ver. 1
I'm gonna work on the S&K title screen later on.
I, Hans, Have updated my Hans avatar to look cooler.
[Image: WpmtJdd.png]
[Image: O3AXtwn.png]
I, Hans J. Cuff, have made a Custom PAC-MAN sprite sheet. Is this sheet acceptable?
That forward-facing Pac Man is horrifying.

Hmm, I'm not sure we would accept it as-is. It seems you've only made 4 new sprites and enlarged/smoothed them out. Those few are good sprites, mind you, but I'm not sure. I'll wait for some more feedback. You could always add more custom Pac-Stuff to the sheet.

How is the Sonic stuff coming along?
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