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Full Version: I'm a first-time spriter, and need criticism. Here's a sprite sheet of mine.
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Here's the sprite sheet I made. It isn't quality enough or whatever, so I need tips on how to up my quality. And I need REAL tips, because (no offense intended at all) I've heard enough "practice makes perfect" from everyone. It's just common sense. So how can I make these look better?
I guess it kind of depends on what you're going for here.
You have a bunch of (completely unlabeled so I have to guess what you're trying to represent) poses that are largely all edits of the exact same pose.
Your walking frames are essentially just shortening and lengthening the character's legs and while I suppose that *can* work depending on the style you're going for.... I don't actually have any idea what you're going for.
Is this intended to be an RPG type style where you'll add side and back poses as well? Or is it some kind of tamagotchi-type thing where he always faces one direction?

Regardless, the tiny sprite size doesn't really help because there's... really not much you can do with so little area to work with.
I can say though that on many of the poses the arms seem to be coming out of his lower abdomen as opposed to his shoulders, so you probably want to move them a pixel or two up.

In addition there's the whole lack of shading and whatnot, but... again, this depends on the style you're going for.
remember, pixelart is not directly about using pixels to make small-ass images of some character, it's using them to represent characters and their poses the best you can. This is called "Readability."

the main problem with these is that they don't change perspective in animations and thus they look pretty odd and lazy. Never cut corners when doing an animation like this, use your space to the fullest to represent what youre trying to convey.
Well, nevermind.

It's clear i'm a terrible spriter and will get nowhere.

But that won't stop me from being terrible!
You won't get better if you don't try to apply the criticisms you ask for. Keep trying and keep working from the feedback you get. It's important, and people give it for a reason.