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Full Version: Filler (...Player?)
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I honestly have no idea what I'm doing with this, but I'd thought it'd be fun just as a way to exercise my pixel art skills. I doubt my character will ever be in this. But if it's decent enough, then I dunno.

As for my character, I guess many would say that my profile picture for awhile was a deformed version of the DK64 llama, so I decided to use the more original character from the current red "abstract" profile picture of mine. As it sorta works.

This sheet is in a VERY rough state (So rough that I rushed the text in MS Paint), but it's just so that I at least have the basis of my character done while it's in a state where the sprites flaws can be pointed out and fixed quickly.

[Image: BBUzcme.png]

Also MS = milliseconds. If that wasn't obvious.

Personally, I'm a big fan of the shocked sprite I drew, as it's pretty silly.

Edit: Added WIP duck sprite.