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Full Version: Battle Cross FEVER release! Get ready for a new Battle!
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What is Battle Cross FEVER? (I didn't proof read chit yet)

My Dream Cross Over game which brings characters and gameplay mechanics together.  The base movement style is inspired a lot by Megaman X with a touch of Sonic in places.  The Fighting concepts and Level Design are Highly inspired by Power Stone 2.  The Fighting execution favors Guardian Heroes/ Bleach Darks 2 (Treasure Fighters) with a pinch of smash.

Meanwhile game is still very young as its only 5 months worth old


Battle Cross FEVER is using the Cross FEVER Engine I created within the Unity Engine.  I have 3 friend( Redblur, Ryoma, Jelly) who I taught how to use my Cross FEVER Engine, 2 of them not having much development experience.  Both having plentiful knowledge of fighting games as well, doing amazing work with the characters only reason why there is a plentiful amount of characters to play as in such a small time frame.

All 3 were the biggest help to the Cross FEVER Engine.  Allowing them to use it, I was able to get all the Feedback needed to implement more features or fix Unity's shortcomings.  Now development efficiency has increased greatly.  Characters who has their graphics ready we can now get them fully functional in game in less than 24 hours (Not with all their attacks of course lol).

Design and Plans

Every stage is aiming to be unique or different in some way.  We want to have active player event driven stages.  Default Moving Stages will not be a thing (I think).  IE: Route 99 will not start off moving but if players go a certain way they will direct the stage in that direction.  City is Escape is actually a good example of this as its not a moving stage at all, since the players are going down hill the stage goes that way.

Exploration System:
So unlike smash bros this game's camera does not zoom out super far out to fit everyone on the screen.  Instead we cap the zoom out based.  As seen in the videos, if players are always fighting in different sections depending where the fight takes them, IE: Players may never even go pass the 2nd part of city escape.  There are going to be many secrets in stages as well.  There will soon be a visible system for this, if you and friends end up visiting a new part of a stage you haven't been to, that section of the stage will be unlocked in Stage Select for that specific stage.

VS. Mode:
Play up to 12 players fighting to see who is number 1! On crazy active stages.
Controllers are support right off the back.   Xbox 360/One and Gamecube has been tested.  PS4 controllers haven't been fully tested but they do work.


Adventure Mode:
You or Friends can tackle this adventure together completing stages and enjoying the hub world.

Online Mode: (This will be announce for open test in the discord)
It is in the game right now I'm just fixing a few thing hopefully not to long.
Battle or Co-op with other players

Team Cross FEVER:

JMan - Creator / Game Designer / Programmer / Engine Dev / Artist / Animator / UI / Concept Art / VFX / Character Designer / Character Creator /Moveset Designer / Modeler 

Model Ripper / Modeler / Level Designer /

Red Blur - Character Creator / Artist / Animator / VFX /Designer
Ryoma Lightning - Character Creator / Animator /  Designer
JellyWeasel - Character Creator / Animator / Moveset Designer

Foxeh - Title Artist
F4C3L355 - Menu Screen UI

VSprite Rips Credits:


Model Rips:
dshaynie (Biolizard, City Escape)
nobody231 (DBZ tournament)