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Full Version: [Revived] Zelda II Adventure of Link (reimagined into LTTP)
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Zelda II
The Adventure of Link

Obviously, not endorsed in anyway by Nintendo.  Created for learning purposes.  No infringment intended.  Buy Zelda games from Nintendo.
This project is a full remake/conversion of Zelda II on NES into a game that mimics Link to the Past yet maintains enough of the original material.
Both music and graphics will be used and inspired by Link to the Past.  Spells are replaced by inventory items.  Extra quests are introduced along with some small character stories to create a larger experience that was lacking in the original.
Combat is going to be Link to the Past styled but the rpg system will remain in effect.  There is a change to how leveling works:the different stats influence how much exp is required per level up overall.  This allows a different approach to leveling other than flat values in the original.  Making a choice now has consequences of a larger amount of exp needed.

[Image: VvrX3zG.png][Image: Y2uSZh5.png]
[Image: 9WaHvu1.png][Image: jpyrrb5.png]
[Image: A0gi8k1.png][Image: 8z9iXiv.png]
[Image: R15r1ZE.png][Image: LlWvC5D.png]
[Image: Xn10yUo.png][Image: HNpaEbG.png]
[Image: AyHOXMK.png]


What can be done right now in the current release?
Quite a bit:  if you create a file in slot 1, you get to view the temporary introduction cutscene.  After the intro, you get to mess around in the first zone of the overworld.  Nothing much to do there.  You can also explore the overworld map and Parapa Palace.  File 2 allows you to skip the intro.If you create a file 3, you are taken directly into the debug zone.  There, you can mess with collectibles, talk to some sages, return a crystal to a pedestal, open every item chest in the game, mess with quite a few items(after you get them from chests), and even kill some innocent gels.

There are obviously bugs. No one is actually testing this on a dedicated basis. I try to break my own game as much as possible, but can't think of everyway. The dungeon is probably bug-repair focus priority 1 right now. Let me know of anything you come across other than tile mess ups.

Controls: arrow keys move, A uses the equipped item, S continues dialogue or swings the sword or selects an item in the menu, D is the Pegasus Boots or the action button(open,talk,etc), Enter is the start/menu button.

If anyone is willing to help in the art department, that would be pretty cool.  The intro cutscenes need to be redone to follow the general plot of Legend of Zelda and the backstory to Zelda II.  Eventually, bosses will need to be done.  Most of the enemies needed are already available from Link to the Past.  Some music could be done as well.  Would like to get some Zelda II tracks that sound more like Link to the Past.

Might be trying my own hand at editing Link's sprites from LTTP to look much more like his Zelda II concept adult form.

Anyway, hope you guys enjoy.  This is what, attempt #5 at this? Code is all mine except the original movement code(maybe 50 lines). That was written by Goodnight of ZFGC almost a decade ago. I heavily modified it.

NOTE:I cannot take any credit for the title graphics or the green border.  Those come from a Zelda II remake that I found sprites of almost 5 years ago.  Will properly credit the individual once I can find his online handle again.  His first name was Alex.
oh snap this sounds like it should be awesome
I tried it. Aside from a few glitches, It's not bad and follows the story pretty well. For a Beta, It's really stable. I like it!