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Full Version: Ultimate Smash Card Battle
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Hey everyone! I am new here and wanted to share that I am in the works of a card game. It will have a large variety of sprite characters. I am mainly seeking to use peoples [as in you] characters and creatures for the cards. The game is still in the early works and has a lot to go. I will be including some images below for you guys to peek at. Let me know what you think and if you have any ideas or characters.
I notice you're using some of Que08's sprites here. I assume you got permission to do so? They've specifically asked for it before: ("sprites are not to be used without permission") so it's pretty important to do so.
Yes, I always insure that I have full and complete permission. Also I give credit to Que as his bases were used to make these characters, but the credit also goes to the creators of the characters themselves. So everyone gets credit where credit is due.