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Full Version: Javelus (Working Title)
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I've been working on a side-scrolling shooter using Construct 2, with the working name of Javelus. Its inspirations are varied, but the basic idea is that Bio-weapons have taken over the world and your job is to stop them. The sprites are either placeholders borrowed from other games or not very high-quality, but the particle effects are fairly well-done. Two notable features are that it compromises between one-hit-point and a health bar by giving you a health bar but starting you at one hit point (you increase health via power-ups) and the fast that you finish off bosses using the Absorber, which allows you to copy one of their attacks. You start with a basic shot, but gain attacks as you defeat bosses; there will also be shout-outs to other side-scrolling shoot 'em ups (namely innovators of the genre like Gradius and R-type) and The game is thus far playable up to stage 2.

Some screenshots:
The first Boss, it its third phase. Its first phase mimics you, but shoots aimed thorn shots instead of your shot.
The second stage homages Gradius Gaiden by being a graveyard of Core warships. Of course, the exact graphics are subject to change, and the Big Cores use part of the Tileset, which is a placeholder. I'm thinking of making the Boss Big Core Mk. II, which would present a challenge both to recreate and for the players to fight.
Progress update: I've started over from a new build, and will be updating the previous post subsequently, but this new build has several changes:

-All graphics have been redrawn at half the resolution, in a new style.

-Movement of the player is no longer controlled by the physics engine.

-The Absorber can now be used on regular enemies, to gain abilities, and in future builds a leveling system will be added.

-Level design has started over.

Here is a video showing a playthrough of the incomplete level 1 in the new build. The as-yet-unnamed turrets have placeholder graphics as they were re-added shortly before this was recorded.