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Full Version: [DEMO] Nether (debug version
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Hello everyone! I recently just finished a newer debug demo for my game Nether: The Dying Village. I have been working on this project for about seven months, but it is nowhere near completion. I am working on it as much as I can. It is being developed in gamemaker:studio 1.4.

A Short Description about Nether: The Dying Village
It is a remake of an unfinished gameboy styled game of the same name. It is a metroidvania platformer, with puzzle elements.

[Image: g3TkjRO.png]
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So sometime in someplace, Nether's village is slowing dying from an incurable disease. Whenever the villagers try to go to towns and cities to ask for medical help, the guards of the royal palace shoot them dead and then bury them deep underground out of the fear that the disease might spread. Archers are everywhere surrounding the village and nearby escape routes to prevent the villagers from escaping. However, an unsuspecting traveler happens to stop at the village after a long voyage and happens to have a remedy for the disease. He treats Nether, the healthiest and strongest out of all the villagers so he can journey to the dangerous lands where the cure lies deep within.

  • Move/grab walls/climb ladders: Arrow keys

  • Jump/walljump: Z

  • Use item/interact: X

  • Roll: C

  • Menu: Space bar

  • Options/select option/start game: V

Debug stuff

  • Press E to slow down the fps

  • Press Enter to restart game

  • Press M to reveal work-in-progress minimap

You can change/view the controls by pressing "change controls" in the options screen.

There are currently only two control schemes for keyboard, and two control schemes for gamepad, however, I am yet to add more.

The sound effects are just placeholders, i am yet to find a way to be able to pay for a composer. (I'm just a really young teen with no allowance) Blank

I would really really appreciate it if you gave your feedback, comments or suggestions right here in the comments. It helps me a ton, and of course, makes my game as best as can be. Thank you so much for taking you time and checking my game out! Have a great day!

Latest Version (
You can download it right here on itchio:

[Image: C05hNGW.png]