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Full Version: Tim the Flazo (Trailer + Magazine Article Attached)
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Hi everyone, I've been coming on here for a while and decided it would be a good time to show off a game my friend are making in Unity. So without further ado, let me introduce you to Tim the Flazo!

Tim the Flazo is a 2D action-adventure platformer where you play as a fire cat travelling through the world seeking to restore balance to nature. The last of his kind, he must face off against the vicious Crozone and his Secret Squad who have corrupted the spirit guardian leading to the imbalance. Along the way he'll meet friends, rivals, and powerful deities that will help or hinder his efforts.

The game will feature things atypical of your usual SNES-inspired platformer - namely, your character can 'level up' and acquire new attacks, either temporarily or permanently. Likewise, the first five worlds are playable in any order, and the other levels will adjust in difficulty accordingly. So if you start with the grass world, the fire world will be a bit more difficult - but if you choose fire first, grass will be the more difficult of the two, with the others also ramping up in challenge.

Words can't do my concept justice, so please enjoy this mock magazine clipping I made that introduces the game much better:

[Image: LxyAzvx.jpg]

And finally, here's a trailer we released just today for the game. Please give us your feedback, and don't forget to subscribe on YouTube!

Thanks everyone, I look forward to sharing more with you as it comes along, and I can't wait to see what you all think!