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Full Version: What can I do to improve this sheet?
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[Image: pO0PXq.png]

This sheet got rejected for not meeting the quality standards, What can I do to improve it?
Well, outside the head shape, both Mario and Luigi share a body. Compare Luigi's sprites from the All-Star version or the Advanced version of SMW and you'll see subtle differences. And of course, more poses.

There could be other improvements but I am not sure.
To be totally honest with you the one thing that I can say right off the bat is that this just looks like a really simple edit of the super mario world sprites. Which is the most outstanding thing about why these sprites were probably rejected in the first place.

That isn't to say that it's inherently bad but quality wise anyone can do these types of things. My suggestion to you would be to pick up graphics gale and a tablet and do something entirely from scratch or make the edit these to the point where the base becomes unrecognizable.
How does this look?

[Image: VmXBcG.png]
Since there isn't much to do besides redoing them, I guess I'd wait for our overlords to offer suggestions since they are in control of accepting/rejecting. They look a lot like the sprites from Super Mario World so maybe that's the issue.
[Image: D0Y7WD.png]
How do these look?
A few things that jump out at me right away are the ears, nose and the lighting on their chins. I would not recommend using a half disk shape for the ear, especially for smaller sprites like these. If you want you could try cutting the width down by a pixel and make it a little more rectangular. For the nose, I'm not really liking the shape. I would try make the nose a bit taller, cutting into the mustache a bit. I also think it would look a little nicer the nose shared it's outline with the mustache where it connects instead of having a separate brown outline. Lastly, the shading on their chins is a bit flat. I would having a light spot breaking up the shadow where the chin would be.

Try messing around a bit with the sprites to see what you like.
[Image: YjJuQJ.png]
Do these look fine?
These are already much better.
I really like the style you have here. Maybe have a tad of hue shifting on the shading?

Keep on doing good work!
[Image: VrzlPf.png]
Standing frame done. I will start on other animations soon.
If this needs any improvements please tell me.
[Image: bgf4RZX.png]

Not much of a difference, but I shaved off a couple pixels to make the silhouette a tad easier to read. The best way is to see this is to make all the pixels on the sprite a single colour. The version with a couple pixels shaved is on the left, as the original is on the right.

[Image: 53ZRZRz.png]

EDIT: I also used the lighter shade of blue for the eyes, as the brothers have bright-blue eyes.
[Image: gRFvU8.png]
Here are the colour palettes that will be used in the final sheet.
Very nice! I like the direction that you are taking these in. I think you're ready to animate these sprites.

Rather than doing what you did with your initial sprites in making the walk cycle where you used had three frames, try to aim for 6 frames minimum for the walk cycle.

Instead of diving right into detail you'd be better off making animations for the sprites just to be sure that you have everything look smooth. Once you've managed to accomplish getting the basic idea of the animation you want down you can go for the same detail that you have with the current sprites you have.

Don't be afraid to post the rough animations here either, we're usually pretty interested in seeing that process and it will help us be able to help you more easily.

I'll be subscribing to this thread since I can tell that you are pretty invested in these sprites. That way if you have any questions along the way I'll be able to answer some of them to the best of my ability.
[Image: E7lcb1.png][Image: tWU837.gif]
The walking animation isn't done yet.

If anything needs to be improved please tell me.
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