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Full Version: Further adventures in beginner spriting
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Had a go at spriting up a character of mine GBA-style. Included a couple of versions, would like to know which one you all prefer. In the other thread I posted DioShiba pointed out that my sprite could do with some anti-aliasing and that's probably true here as well, but I'd like to ask for more opinions before I fix that. Thanks!


Here is the concept art for the character in question for reference:

If you're going to continue working on this, use the one on the right. The eyes are closer together and look more natural that way.

Also, maybe make the eyes themselves a bit bigger. It's hard to even tell where they are. Since it's a small sprite in a simple style, larger eyes may work better.

Had another go, gave the face a bit more real estate this time. A definite improvement. Might be a bit overlarge though -- this little duder's a full 32px including ears.
I decided to do Team Skull from Pokemon Sun/Moon, GBA Pokemon style! Let me know what you all think.


Edit: Whoops, should give credit where credit is due. These are original sprites but they're based on very close inspection of the FRLG NPC overworld sprites on The Spriters Resource, ripped by Silentninja. Thanks Silentninja!
those sprites seem too simple, im not sure how in style those are either.
(06-28-2017, 06:36 PM)Gors Wrote: [ -> ]those sprites seem too simple, im not sure how in style those are either.

They are based on the Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald sprites, that's basically what they looked like. See bottom half of:

In terms of sticking to the style, they do.
Here's some sprites for a project I'm working on. Would appreciate any feedback!
The amount of anti-aliasing looks inconsistent between the different angles. There seems to be a lot more on the front view, which also looks more heavily shaded.