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Full Version: Sugar Rush Superraceway (PC/Mac game)
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[Image: W%2B48qk.png]

Sugar Rush Superraceway is the 3D fangame of the racing game of Wreck-It Ralph. The objective is to become the first of the finish as fast as possible before the opponents beat you. Take you a sweet race!

Download Links for Windows & Mac:
IndieDB (Windows):
IndieDB (Mac):

[Image: sugar_rush_superraceway__character_gif_b...b7ad1t.gif]
[Image: sugar_rush_superraceway__main_menu_by_of...b4rm71.png]
[Image: gummy_desert__sugar_rush_superraceway_by...b4rj2m.png]

Download the game, and inform me of the bugs you have and I will correct it as best possible, please.
It gives off an old PS1 vibe you don't see very often. I'll try it sometime!
[Image: W%2B48qk.png]

The sweet fan-game of Wreck-It Ralph is update on the version 1.2 with a extended update list:

- added 5 more characters: includes Crumbelina, Adorabeezle, Nougetsia, Minty Sakura, and now, Wreck-It Ralph!

- Has unlocked the extra cup with 3 new circuits: includes Candy Clouds, Retro Sugar Rush and Fix-It Felix Jr.

- Some minor bugs and some details fixed.

- Load screen with animated text.

Download links for Windows & Mac:
IndieDB (Windows):
IndieDB (Mac):

[Image: Wreck-It_Ralph_Vanellope-_Sugar_Rush_Superraceway.png]