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Full Version: (Fangame) Mega Man: Parade [seeking programmer and musician]
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Our Team so far
1337gamer15- Project Lead, Main Character Designer, Environmental Designer, Document Designer.
Karasz- Enemy Designer, Logo Design, Various Promotional Arts

Been working on this project since October 2016, planning the game thoroughly and all. Worked a ton on design documents, and concept art for a long time.

It's only til recently that I've finally decided to get something functional rolling.

I'm mainly making this fangame just to prove to people that I have what it takes to make games. It's the only fangame I'm gonna make before I move onto doing my own original stuff.

I'm using the MEGA Engine made by Wrecking Programs. Managed to port it to Game Maker Studio 2 (albeit with an fmod problem, I think the fmod just needs to be updated)

Of course, it didn't take long for me to realize how difficult programming is...

I've made a wee bit o' progress myself, such as modding the Star Crash into Swarm Shield, Butterfly Man's weapon. There's still some functionality missing, like giving the shield health, and allowing the player to fall slower when they have the shield on.

[Image: 2017-05-23_14-57-04_zpsrhniunf2.png]

So now I'd really like to ask

Is there anyone out there with decent gml programming experience that could help me put this game together?

Because it's my aim to be a designer, not a developer, and I can't say I see myself being a programmer in the future.

What I am capable of though, is making all the art assets, the sprites, all that stuff.

And if you'd like to help, all you'd need to worry about is just getting the enemies, bosses, weapons, menus and such functional.

Things like sprites, BGs, and level design are all gonna be handled by me.

If payment is needed for your services, then I'm willing to do so.

Also we're gonna need someone that can compose Mega Man styled music

More info on the game

I'm also hoping folks could give me some feedback regarding the concept of this project.
Please bear in mind that I've been working on it for months, and it may not be so easy for me to change things like the robot masters, as I've already determined how their stages work, their weaknesses, and how they interfere with them in aspects besides just simply dealing more damage.
I could change their designs a bit, but it won't be easy since they'll need fit the descriptions of their powers and abilities accordingly.
Please provide as much guidance as you can when it comes to redesigning a robot master.

For things like changing the layout of a stage, that won't be too hard.

If you're interested in working on this project, send me a PM.
We're just working hard to show what we are capable of. Heck, I had a fun time working as a conceptual artist. If this doesn't impress you, then what will? Tongue
Some sprites needs shading.
trying to follow the NES colour pallette limits. Generally around only 3 or 4 colours per sprite. I already stated the sprites weren't final.