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Full Version: DQ Gaiden: A Starry Legend
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I've been working on a Dragon Quest Fan Game.

Using the RPG Maker VX I've been slowly changing things be more DQ/EBZero like in terms of battling.
I really like dragonquest and doing this to completion will allow me to make my own custom game using the edited engine. I already posted a very early demo however this newer one will have a lot of the mechanics fleshed out.

Most people look down on RPG Maker games however with competent hands it's a very good engine.(Mostly) 
It's all a matter of how much you are willing to common event.

So far all things Dragon quest can be achieved in RPG maker VxAce.

Here's a look at the prolouge:
Here's videos of what I'm adding:

Day Night System:

Monster Racing/Battling Betting: 

Let me know what you think! It's for those who ever played the games particularly the GBC versions!
Great work so far, looks a lot like a GBC Dragon Quest game. It doesn't look like it was made with RPG Maker XV - the only point that made me notice was the battle dither pattern fading! I don't see any issues with the mechanics shown so far, but maybe somebody who knows Dragon Quest better could give you pointers.

Keep us updated, I wouldn't mind playing a demo! Big Grin
Thanks I've been talking to people on DQ forums and they suggested cut-scenes so I've began working on a few cutscenes, for the games Prolouge and Epilouge.
[Image: 4M5KWLD.png]
As for stage transitions I'm looking to either may my own custom one that has no fading or find a script to remove the fading.
Demo has been released!
Try it out at

About 4-5 hours of game play.

I plan on making a much longer one by October!