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Full Version: Rockbot (Megaman classic lookalike)
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I am the developer of Rockbot, a game inspirated from Capcom's Megaman 8-bit series of games.
It uses a custom engine, made in C++ with SDL library for easier multi-platform support. It currently have ports for several systems such as Windows, Linux, Playstation 2, PSP and Android. In Windows/Linux, it also have an editor made in C++ with Qt library, that can edit stages, characters and most of the game's details.

I am currently developing the second version of the game, and I am looking for original Megaman tilesets. I saw there is a lot of unfinished or abandone projects in this sense, and I would like to ask if anyone who owns such assets could allow it to be used in my game. For example, I got permission from megaman 4k (look in deviant art for Average-Hanzo) author to use his tilesets of this abandone project.

If anyone wants to contribute to the project, let me know. Thanks.

Here are some images from the game:
[Image: foreground_layer.png]

[Image: castle_01.png]

[Image: phantom_mansion_001.png]

[Image: editor_gear_002.png]

[Image: stage_select.png]
This looks pretty nice.

And this works on PS2? Wouldn't have expected that.
(03-26-2017, 04:04 PM)Filler Wrote: [ -> ]And this works on PS2? Wouldn't have expected that.

I actually started the whole project back in 2008 when I got my hands on the PS2 free SDK Wink
My initial idea was to just port megaman 9 to Playstation 2, to prove it was fairily possible, but then my wife suggested doing my own stuff.
So exactly how close are you going to Megaman in terms of control? Will it be as close to the classic games as possible or will you be altering things such as the timings, animations, physics, etc?
I was going to make physics as much close the the original as possible. But due to most of mu users running the game on mobile devices and using touch controls, I changed to a more floaty jumping.
I am trying more recently to go the oath Shovel Knight took, make a tribute to old games, but without copying too much of the original.