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Hi my name is Jony and i just release beta version of my MMORTS game Conquearth.

Game priciples:
You can choose between three fraction in Conquearth. Each fraction has own advantages, 2 special units and 2 super-weapons.

You can build more than 30 type of buildings in each normal base and 2 super-weapons.

The map also occur conquerable bases. These bases can be picked by successful attack. But also we can lose them by same way. These bases, however, provide a strategic advantage. 

Army contains 25 units. Each unit has damage bonus against other unit(s). So you must combine your army right.
Infantry main advantage is that it can be rapidly produce in large quantities. Vehicles are ideal for combat. Thanks to speed and bonuses they are universal units.
Tanks are slow and have a high consumption, but they have the greatest attack and armor. 
Aircraft are the fastest units, but also with the highest consumption. 

Conquearth is completely Non-pay-to-win game. This game is free-to-play.
Game is non-profit project (total free).
Game has created the game just for fun.