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Full Version: GRAND DAD!?!?!?!?!
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I had the stupidest idea last night... Remake 7 Grand dad, The grandest of NES bootleg games, in unreal engine 4. I just wanted to post this because I want some feedback and your opinion
I don't want to sound rude, but what about your last 3 ideas/games? It seems like that you hop from one idea to the next, which I did myself, when I was younger.

It would be the best, if you could focus on one project at the time, instant of 4, as this greatly increases the work for the project you are working on (also it helps to not lose interesst in working on that game).

Regarding Grand Dad... isn't that just a dead meme Unimpressed ? I mean... I still flip my table from laughter, when I see Mario with Freds body and club, but besides a small joke, what else could the game be with Grand Dad? To be honest, I would have zero interesst (I didn't mean that in a rude way, it's just not my type of game). Like the other game threads from you, it's hard for me to take them serious actually, mainly as they all only look like meme jokes Smug .

I don't know anything Unreal, other than it's expensive and a very massiv game engine.

Instant of just throwing in ideas, how about doing something? Prototype your idea and try to put it into a small test game, then expand on that prototype. This way, you are getting much better results, rather than just asking if "idea X" would be cool.

I can't really tell how advanced you are with Unreal, but if you're at the beginning, I can give you a few hints:
  • If you want to build something big, don't be affraid, that it can become shitty. Improve yourself by finding ways how to fix your previous mistakes and keep going.
  • Play around with open projects and try to modify it. Playing around with someone else open source game/demo was for me the best way to get a grasp on most of the stuff I program today.
  • Don't stuck to thinking only on ideas. Having ideas can help you developing interessting concepts for your game, but I can also stop your progress with (sometimes) unneeded extras.
  • Try to solving problems by searching around the internet and find ways on how to fix your issues by yourself. That is properly the best way to learn, even if it's tempting sometimes to just write a help post on a forum.
this is a shit thread for reasons needless to specify.

calling a mod.
[Image: latest?cb=20140401024601]
Not to rain on your parade OP, but we already got a remake of that old game on the horizon.

This is a pretty pointless thread with absolutely no content. I'm locking it because of the lack of actual development occurring here and all I see this resulting in is a repetition of old jokes.

I'd suggest if you care enough, start developing then make a thread. If you don't actually really give a shit because all you're doing is banking on a meme, I think that in the future you should really think about the purpose of this board instead of just posting any nonsensical idea that pops into your head. We all have these thoughts, but there's a time and a place to share them. A board for honing skills and showing your creations is not it.