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Full Version: Dragon Quest VX Demo!
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Hello everyone.
I've recently made a Dragon Quest Demo using theĀ rpgmaker VX ace game engine.

This is just a precursor to what I have in store for my own RPG game using all custom sprites*.(well most will be custom)

I did this because I wanted my custom rpg game to play a lot like DQ/EB zero. (simple yet fun)

So without further ado here's the link if anyone wants to try it out!
New download link
Demo Download

It's actually got me excited... Maybe a TSRPG(VGRPG) could finally happen!(or i'd include some members in the game as cameos!)


RGPVXAce RTP is required. The installer isn't very friendly !
I think you have to change the white background.
Thanks for that. I'll update the link in a little I forgot to add somethings so it can run without the RTP.

Should all work now Big Grin
Just going to bump this with updates.
I managed to implement a day and night step system in the game.
[Image: rvV89tl.gif]
It works on a 240 day step system like in the DQ games and changes the tilesets colors.