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Full Version: who ben rejcted the silver the hedgehog sprites
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Making the sprite sheet
and finish

been rejected

and because?

who are the standard for quality custom edited
Simply put, we don't allow people to just submit other users' custom sprites like that. That's sprite theft.

Your "additions" to the sheet are extremely minimal, and on first glance it seems that the things you did add don't even seem to be your own work! (SnowyTheIce's original sheet, for comparison.) Just a couple minutes searching shows that the pixel art you added at the top is taken directly from X-JusticeHunter-X's sheet with just some colour changes (or was it kaijinthehedgehog's? Both have the exact same one!), and you didn't even add him to the list of credits. Wouldn't surprise me if some of the other things were also stolen.

We have a zero-tolerance policy on stolen sprites. If you didn't make it, we won't accept it. Plain and simple.

(EDIT: And you stole the additional "Extra" sprites from HellJumper5252's sheet!)

(EDIT 2: AND judging by the fact "your" other Silver sheet you're flaunting on your account is just Phoenix's old Silver sprites with what is most likely bits made by other users, I can concur that you're nothing but a sprite thief. Begone.)