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Full Version: SPCTool technical difficulties
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About a few months ago, I've re-aquired SPCTool, a really handy SPC Player with a special feature: You can export instrument samples from an SPC into .WAV files to use in trackers or other music programs. However, I've recently run into a problem.

When I convert an SPC file's instruments into .WAV samples, and then import them into FL Studio, they don't make any sound. And when I try to listen to what the samples sound like in Windows Media Player, I get an error message saying the file couldn't play. Blank  I've never encountered this issue on my old computer (which ran on Vista), so could someone help me out here?
(I assume this is SNES SPC files?)

Try using VGM Trans to open the SCP data. You can open the SPC's soundfont and midi, export the soundfont as either SF2 or DLS, and use a program like Polyphone to open the samples.
I'm having similar SPCTool issues also! It used to work perfectly and export all the samples, but ever since my windows updated and reformatted, I can't export the samples like before, but here's the thing... Non-Looping samples export fine. Like Percussion samples. Anything that has a Loop, won't export righ. It will just turn into this high pitch ping noise that's all glitchy and weird. I want to know why so I can know how to fix it.
Oh excuse me. Holy CRAP at VGM Trans. O__O; This will make sample ripping a breeze. Thank you. I'm glad I stumbled across this thread.

EDIT: Oops... it doesn't seem to want to get samples from the game "Lufia and the fortress of doom". bleh. it won't show the samples. Just the midi. >__>; back to square one.

EDIT AGAIN: yeah, it seems VGM Trans isn't comparable with all SPCs. v__v; not like SPC Tool is. By why this issue with Looped samples in SPC Tool? I need to figure out why that is.
Bumping this thread of mine, cuz I still don't know how to make SPCTool export .WAV files properly in Windows 7 (Also, for those wondering, the version of SPCTool I'm using is v0.70). Does anyone here know how?
Dunno if the OP is still looking for a solution, but in case anyone else is:

You have to open the exported WAV file in something like Goldwave and change it to snd/raw file type and PCM signed 16 bit, little endian, mono.
You can also use OpenMPT which is free to change the format when you try to import the file into it.