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Full Version: Mode 7
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Hey guys. I know this isn't exactly getting feedback for a custom sprite, but I need some help. I made a Super Mario Kart tileset, and I need to make an Icon for it. Does anyone know how to create mode 7 effects? Thanks in advance!
I found this online.
It explains how to achieve a similar effect.
You can probably also take a the whole rendered map made up of tiles as a single image, and then render it onto a flat 3D plane, giving the same effect as Mario Kart's maps and tacks, and then do the same with the background, but on a different angle.

[Image: uCzqi1X.png]

EDIT: Added reference of what it'd look like in Blender.
clickteam fusion has a mode 7 extention that you can fool around with. it's actually rather easy.
Thanks you guys!