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Full Version: Pokemon Heat Wave and Hail Storm, looking for spriters!
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[Image: C7Nx8daVsAErW59.png]
[Image: C7Nx8daVAAE0MK6.png]
{Note: There is more to come to the thread. We will soon be adding a fakemon section to show the fakemon of the game}

Planning Episode 1 Release: Summer 2017
(Still in early development stages)

Engine: RPG Maker XP and Pokemon Essentials


Screen Shots:




__________________________________________________ _____________________________
We are currently looking for Spriters (tileset) (animate) and (character pixel art), if you would like to help just fill out the application!

Questions for application:

1. What position are you applying for?

2. Please provide some examples of your work.

3. What is your email?

4. What time zone do you live in?

Please email: to send an application for the game.

Oh - this looks pretty promising. But are there any other design documents you can share with us? Like...screenshots, fake Pokemon, or trainer sprite character art? Even a logo? Your Google+ page looks like it's got a TON of stuff on it; just crosspost it here.

Pictures are cool and help paint a better picture of what you guys are looking for - or, I guess, help you to "better communicate the tteam's expectations and goals" to potential new staff. You know how kickstarter campaigns show a whole lot of concept art and get you excited for the end product? You're more likely to attract people to the project if you've got that stuff on-hand, otherwise it just looks like you're a bunch of "idea guys" in search of workhorses to pull all the weight. :/
Even if you don't have concept art etc, you could share more details to what might attract people to join the project. i.e. "Your character is going to be exploring this new region, which has Pokemon influenced by the region". You're not going to attract many people by saying "We have this idea for a game. We have no ideas yet but we still want to make a game. Join today!"
Like what hypes you up when they reveal a new Pokemon game? The text "We're working on a Pokemon game" or a trailer that says it, with pictures showing that the team indeed is at work?

I'm not tryin to be a jerk here!!!!!!!! I'm just tryin to help you get more people on board with the project!!!!!

EDIT: You totes mcgotes updated the thread and ye this is nice. good. goodnice
Oh, silly me! I forgot to update the thread!
The story and features sound alright. It's a pretty typical sounding Pokémon fan game.

I've never really worked on a joint project before so this may just be a good start. I'd be interested in character or fakemon art. I'll see about getting some Pokémon styled sprites together for an application
Sounds great! Can't wait to see your application!
The images in the first post seem to be broken Sad .

Also, are you guys looking for Gen 4 styled sprites or in which style you wanted this game to be (because I can't find any info about the specifics, besides screenshots from the Google+ page)?
Yes we are going for a gen 4.5 style. Kinda in between.
I think the name is too long. A minor comment.
The game, has to versions. One is Pokemon Heat Wave and the other is Pokemon Hail Storm.
Who's that Pokemon?
[Image: C7NjWN4U0AEAyL2.jpg]
Meet Primbud, The grass starter of the regions of the Kharukai Territory!
The Bud Pokemon. The flower buds that are scattered around a female Primbud’s body may seem to be harmless, but the buds can easily Paralyze any predators that it may come by. Sadly, many young children mistake the bulbs as being safe and are sent for medical attention. While Male Primbuds do not have flower buds, they are found to raise attack when attacked.
[Image: C7uyWWtVUAA8cHB.jpg]

and here is the fire starter!

Meet Irodillo, The fire starter of the regions of the Kharukai Territory!


The Armadillo pokemon. This pokemon eats scrap metal and melts it inside its stomach to fuel its fire abilities. If the molten metal in the pokemon ever cooled, it would become very sick.

[Image: C7331iiVQAAWu6L.jpg]

Our Water Starter will be coming this Friday!
Meet Newtie, The water starter of the regions of the Kharukai Territory!

The Newt Pokemon. It lazes around on logs in swamps. The snot bubble it produces while sleeping is poisonous, so if it’s popped, the poison would contaminate a curious Pokemon.
he water starter of the regions of the Kharukai Territory!
[Image: C8SiZkCUIAEiBXX.jpg]

(Duplicate post.) Good artworks, but I don't think font is well choosen.
And maybe a dark bitmap background.
Primbud looks too close to leafeon in my opinion...I would suggest working on another colour scheme or adding a pattern or too.

Irodillo's actual head is a bit inconspicuous, which isn't really a problem, but it means that our eyes are not focused on it. My eyes keep jumping to the red spots on his back. Starter pokemon are meant to be appealing and almost cutesy so I'd consider that when working on his design. The small head is better suited for a later evolution maybe even the final one.
Your custom trainers have a cool design! I think the starter art needs a bit more personality though - something that identifies them as the young brash first forms they are.
is it too late to apply? I would love to help work on this game......... Better start working on something to show  Unsure Unsure
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