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Full Version: I need help potentially cleaning up my player character's sprite.
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The biggest thing is...I want to get rid of the sel-out as much as I can while still having the sprite stand out on the following backdrops:
[Image: p6NFbww.png][Image: CA7A3EC.png]
The sprite looks particularly messy in this situation:
[Image: xcbQX2i.png]

And that's mainly what I have trouble with right now.
I'd say change up the object's or player's palettes or give the character a more darker outline. I tried darkening the blonde selout to the other colors used but it still looked bad.
[Image: BUOXmvH.png]
[Image: 7Cef3K0.gif]

I added a more solid outline, thanks to you and Gorsal's feedback, and put him in the game. I think it worked out. Here's a progress .gif on the project in general.
I'd say the walk cycle on your character lacks a bit of bounce

apart from that, looks very solid
yeah man i can't help you with the sprite issue but damn that looks insanely good