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Full Version: Star Blue
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Star Blue is a top-down 2D shooter i'm working on (in GameMaker 8.1). At this point development is going kinda slowly, and good criticism might help it move along.
If the music is not good enough, help is welcome. I don't have a talent for music.
If it's possible, would you mind posting a video/screenshots (or maybe put in the system requirements)? I'm on a mac and I'd rather not install every single framework into a wrapper for Wineskin just to try this. I'd assume just DirectX 9 (and possibly .NET 3.5?), right?
I don't know how to do embedded images, so a .zip file is all I can do right now.
Quote:I'd assume just DirectX 9 (and possibly .NET 3.5?), right?

I don't even think you need that, It's a Gamemaker executable so it should run no problem (unless it's different on a Mac).
Here, this is a way of how you can upload and post screens for your game.

Some screenshots:
[Image: screenshot106.png][Image: screenshot108.png][Image: screenshot109.png]
[Image: screenshot110.png][Image: screenshot113.png][Image: screenshot115.png]
[Image: screenshot117.png][Image: screenshot119.png][Image: screenshot121.png]
[Image: screenshot123.png][Image: screenshot124.png][Image: screenshot126.png]
[Image: screenshot127.png][Image: screenshot128.png][Image: screenshot130.png]
Screenshots look blurry because of the resizing.
Also thank you for linking me to this site. It helps a lot.
The game doesn't seem to want to work in Wineskin or CrossOver, so I'll have to use a windows computer sometime in the near future to fully test it out. From what I've seen in the screenshots, it looks exactly like I would expect and old-school shmup/bullet hell game to look, so great job on that. One thing I might suggest is to have more dynamic backgrounds. Maybe take a look at Sky Force games to see what I'm talking about (I suggest Sky Force Reloaded). I'm not a music expert, so I can't help you much with that, but if you don't mind me asking, what program are you using to compose it?
I'll try my best with the backgrounds, but considering I'm starting from scratch with an overhaul, it might not be a problem. The music is MIDI music, since I can't do any better. Also, it's played by the default GM sound engine so expect it to be loud. Also, controls are kinda stiff.

Good luck with the system troubles, I'm excited to hear your critique!

EDIT: I use Anvil Studio to compose my MIDI music.
Graphics can be better with pixellisation effect for my taste because there aren't details being drawn.
(04-23-2017, 12:22 PM)iyenal Wrote: [ -> ]Graphics can be better with pixellisation effect for my taste because there aren't details being drawn.

I'm not quite sure what you mean by that.
Try to do a pixel effect and see if it's better.