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Full Version: Shading critique?
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Hi all! I've posted a few topics here and there before, mostly here regarding my sprites. Well I did a lot more work on them recently, and I've worked on one of the things that was lacking, wich was the shading, so I'm going to post how that's going along before I make another topic which compiles everything I've done in recent times.

[Image: WFvHv8N.png]

This is an APC, it's been rather well recieved where I've originally posted it, but you guys are pretty good at critiquing stuff too. Thoughts? Suggestions?
It looks quite good as is, but there are a couple things you could do to liven up the colors
First of all it's pretty low contrast, making the shades further apart from each other might sharpen out the detail (depends on which parts tho, on some the contrast is fine)
Secondly, try hue-shifting your shades : instead of having your gray go into the shades with the same tint of gray, try to get some dark reds insteads (or some other tint might work, but reddish seems like it'd suit this well)

Lastly, that explosion doesn't really fit, it'd be better to try and change the shading of the vehicle around that explosion so they go together better
[Image: YZHMmHo.png]
It's just a fire not an explosion, but thank you for the critique! I will see what shading I can do near the fire.