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Hi guys its me lonely. I need some help on a LAN game that can be played at school with friends. Here is what I need help with some stuff. Please explain everything simply because I suck at understanding coding and stuff. I would like a typed explination

1. I am currently using unreal engine 4 and I am having difficulty with skeletal meshes (mainly making stuff from this site work). If you could find an easier engine that is just as good... yeah. the graphics don't need to be good just to support models/stuff from game from 1990's-2007

2. I need help making different game modes. The game modes are Deathmatch (I need help with scoring and selecting a weapon upon spawn), Classic deathmatch (I need help centring a weapon quake style and creating powerups), Infection (Help creating zombie and human teams, Hellwalker A.K.A. Juggernaut from Halo 2 (Need help making the juggernaut and scoring) and a racing game mode (I need help making an AI with a machine gun on top of the jeeps)

3.  Easy to use LAN setup that requires no console commands and a simpe server browser. I want it like Halo CE or Unreal 2004

4. A main menu and map select...yeah I suck

5. Respawning and killing people. Every guide I can find is for single player and resets the level upon Death


7. Character dialog. I need help making characters talk when they kill someone or get hit or complete an objective

And finaly... 8. Invisible walls. I cannot make them invisible.