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Full Version: New here, is there a way to convert multiple .blend files to .obj?
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I don't want to sound like I did anything special, but I noticed there are no models for Metroid Prime even though I know many people have them. I used the same method they used (hecl) to get all the models and they are in .blend formats right now. Since no one has uploaded them I figured I would, but of course some people want them in .obj formats, which I would not have a problem exporting them if there weren't many but there is a lot. I feel like I might be missing a reason as to why they aren't on the site already but if there isn't one, should I bother converting them and would I have to do it one by one?

This may be of interest to you. Something worth noting however is that it only supports older blend files. I know for sure it will not work with Blender 2.78 which is the current version as of now. You may want to play around with some earlier Blender versions to see which version works for you.
Pretty sure you can just copy all the content from one Blender file into another, therefore, you can just past content from another blend file, paste it, and then export as .obj.

Not exactly sure, as I'm a Blender noob.