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Full Version: Hiro-sofTs spriting and pixel art atelier
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Because why not? As you can properly tell, I love to draw all kinds of stuff. Smile

I also show some of my old stuff as well.

Current sprites:
Fungi Cappani sprites:
[Image: cappani_spritebig1.png][Image: cappani_spritebig2.png][Image: cappani_enemy1_idle.gif]

Dash Dash Dilia sprites:
[Image: ddd_specter.gif][Image: ddd_medusa1.gif][Image: ddd_dragonbirdenemy.gif][Image: ddd_wizzard.gif][Image: ddd_skullfish.gif]

Older art (properly won't come back to those, due to other projects):
your sprites remind me of my old times, I loved making mockups of games and I enjoy the bright colors and settings.

you still dont have good form in some of your art (there are straight lines where they should bend more for more naturality) and some of the animations would look better if the frames were redrawn instead of edited like pieces, but overall i'm glad to see more sprites like these.
These are great! I can't wait to see how you improve!
Thanks guys!

I will give it my all to get better at this stuff Smile . Still trying to get better at the animation stuff, but it has been always a pain in the neck for me to do animation stuff... but only practice can help to get better at it, so no running away here (a game without animations would be pretty boring) Smug  .

I have nothing new to show yet, as I'm currently busy with other stuff again. But, because I forgot to put some of my stuff up here, this is not a completely useless post I guess. Also, have here some old gems, which I have found on my older harddrive.

Some more form Dash Dash Dilia (a project I will working on again some later, after Fungi Cappani). Some boss designs:
[Image: ddd_bosseswip1.gif]

Some old edits I did for a ducktales fan game. The deal was, that I wanted three playable characters in that game, in which each character would have different actions, with which they could beat their stages with:
[Image: ducktalesexpansion.png]

A pokémon I did for a retro pokémon contest (size and weigth are a little strange):
[Image: dexpingi.gif]

Edits - Yellow and Misty trainer sprites (they have horrible shading and colors tho):
[Image: pokemon_yellow.png]
[Image: mistyanimations.gif]<--- I only found this gif of the sprites... still need to find the whole sheet somewere.

Four swords adventures Agahnim (well, it was an attempt):
[Image: fsa_agah.png]

Sonic Advance 2 enemies in genesis style (these are very old, yet, they still look not all that bad):
[Image: shellcrabtest.gif][Image: stingertest.gif]

Wing of Mandoola Remake:
[Image: lucia_idle_finished.gif][Image: lucia_duck_test3.gif]

Sonic Battle styled things (well, I tried...):
[Image: sonicbattle_starriea_mugshotsgif.png]

Ana, the ninja girl, in Wario master of disguise style (kinda):
[Image: wmod_ana.png]

Megaman Zero styled stuff:
[Image: z4_atmamugshots.gif]

Some old megaman fan game title art (the artwork of the character was kinda okay I think):
[Image: lrgnes_title.png]

Tried to draw something in Secret of Mana style. It's not easy, I can tell you:
[Image: somsuc.png]

StarrieA genesis sprites (this is a thing, that wasted properly something like a year of my life... Shy )
[Image: genesis.png]

And some Balloon Kid sprites in genesis style:
[Image: gen_ballonkid.png][Image: aliceanimated1.gif]

Next time, I will again post new stuff from my newest project, I swear Shy  . It's only that I still somehow like these old sprites in a wierd way, even if they are deeply flawed (mostly poor shading or animation). I'm sorry for some of the sheets structures. Back then, I didn't cared about that much  Shy  . I was also mostly holding back to show off my work in the past, because as a young bab, I feared criticism (which I regret deeply).

Maybe I will return to some of these sprites to redo them, if I get the passion for it again Big Grin .
i applaude your tribute to wing of madoola :p
I really like Agahnim, the Badniks, and Balloon Kid. They're great!
Sorry, if this not from my real project... but here is something I did out of boredom and because I needed something to distract myself, because I just had a root treatment yesterday... and you can imagine, what kind of a trip that was for me Sad ...

[Image: alttp_ironknucklever1try.png]

Anyway, I tried my best to emulate the style and to go simple on this guy. It's supposed to be an Iron Knuckle in Alttp style. I'm affraid, that I overshaded him a bit. I took the soldiers (both, the regular and tower ones) as a template to see how I could approach the sprite of that guy. I'm also not sure about the axe, but is there a enemy in Alttp who uses a axe (I can't tell. It's a long time ago, since I played Alttp...), so I can maybe figure out, how I should do the axe better?
Haven't posted something in ages Sad ... time to do so Cool !

Did some more progress on Squirlls sprites! I want to use these for the shop system in my indie game... I keep working on my project (even if it's in a small pace currently) Cute .

[Image: .eJwFwYsJwyAQANBdHMDzX80UhU4gxhjB1PTuAoX...3yNrKJsUQ4]

Current spritesheet
I am loving your work. Lots of fun design and well done! Also like your Sonic 3 Style sprites.
Looking good, but the SoM demon girl could use a little bit tinkering with the eyes and the facial expression in general. Same for the human form, the body itself seems pretty true to the style (maybe the back of her cape could use some work, less continuous black lines and more of that darker pink instead). She also remind me more of the vampire lady from Illusion of Time/Gaia than Buffy from SoM.

What I like the most is your axe warrior in that mockup, could be from a DX version and really blends in with the rest of his surroundings.
[Image: polsvoice.gif]
I was bored, so I did a cute Pols Voice quickly... however, as I finished the sprite and looked its name up, I realize, how these actually look like... yikes! Talking about childhood destruction... Unsure whatever, have this rabbit version of it (I always thought they were rabbits, but apparently I was wrong).
I always thought they were rabbits too! Nice job.
Did some more things... and I have also some older stuff to show Smile :

New Fungi Cappani sprites:
[Image: fungicappaniflagsnstuff.png]
[Image: fungicappanioneways.png]
[Image: fungicappaniflagswind.gif] [Image: fungicappaniflagsactivate.gif] [Image: fungicappanihiteffect.gif]

SMW sprites for a hack of mine:
[Image: smwboomboom.png] [Image: smwclassicgoomba.png] [Image: smwfiedsmb3thowmp.png] [Image: smwfairies.png]
[Image: smwboomboomstopandgo.gif] [Image: smwboomboomrunning.gif] [Image: smwboomboomrunandhit.gif] [Image: smwboomboomflying.gif] [Image: smwclassicgoomba.gif] [Image: smwsmb3thwomp.gif]
[Image: smwfairies.gif]

Misc. and older sprites I worked on:
[Image: oldschoolmilia.png]
[Image: somerpgstuff.png] [Image: flowerbossgb.png] [Image: nessilvia.png]
[Image: rpg_charblink.gif][Image: rpg_charwalk.gif][Image: rpg_charsleep.gif][Image: rpg_rabbit.gif][Image: rpg_doclaughter.gif][Image: bloomboss_move.gif][Image: bloomboss_hit.gif][Image: bloomboss_rootspikes.gif]
i like those sprites, keep it up
Found an old sprite of mine... and decided to finish it (and also adding some information about the character and giving her alternative skins) Smile . I wanted to do a Advance Wars game which would have been like students learning at a academy how to become a commander while some of the old character could have been the teachers of their classes (Olaf for example for the Blue Moon students). I choosed the AW1 style because I always like the simpler cartoon style the most, unlike the more detailed ones from Black Hole Rising, Dual Strike and the weird style of Days of Ruin. This was the first new character I created for this game:

[Image: advancewarsacademystrike_minxcharlottevandal.gif]

I'm still sad that they only go with Fire Emblem nowadays... I personally don't like Fire Emblem... I always liked Advance Wars more Sad .
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