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Full Version: PokeIdler
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PokeIdler 0.3!

This version features:
  • Titlescreen (New Game, Load Game and Close Game)

  • New Game Screen (Select your name and Starter: Bulbasaur, Charmander or Squirtle)

  • Save Game (Each second, it autosaves, this is a temp save and may not be compatible with new releases)

  • Talk Button (It allows you to chat with someone in your location, right now just for accepting quests)

  • Quests (Right now just 2 Main Quest and 2 Repeatable quest, one for money and the other for Exp. You can only have one accepted)

  • Auto Healing (If you arent on a fight you will slowly heal yourself)

MEDIAFIRE Old, 0.1 -

-Gamejolt. (Always latest version)


-----TODO LIST (Currently working on)
-Pokeballs (Right now you have infinite Pokeballs)
-Computer (To store Pokemon)
-More zones
-Modify Potions

Give ideas Tongue
Good start, but I hope you will change bottom ui hand drawn logos !
(11-06-2016, 10:49 AM)iyenal Wrote: [ -> ]Good start, but I hope you will change bottom ui hand drawn logos !

Is kinda hard, is not my speciality, im better with GML Tongue, but i did my best, i hope you like them, new version is up!

Here you can compare Pictures
I suppose two messages is ok here?

The third version of this game is here, is still a early wip, but is better than the first version, i added:
Titlescreen, Savegame, Quests and now you heal a little bit per second outside the battles.

This game sucks? u.u