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Full Version: Chao Garden Prototype
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Been a long time fan of Spriters Resource. 
Thank you rippers and artists for building the best archive to date! 

Lately I have been gifted with magical programming powers that I wish to use to make many 2D pixelated games.

Here is my first one. It is fairly simple. The only thing you can do is drag some items around the map and watch the chao be happy or grumpy.
This game will run on just about every device thanks to HTML5.

The project could become more in depth with more chao types, events, sound, stats, alignment, ai, items, mini games, etc. 
I used to LOVE playing Sonic Adventure 2 Battle Chao Garden with my little brother so many years ago... To remake a 2D version that runs on every browser in the world (save ie) would be a "dope" accomplishment.

That all takes time though. So I am not completely sure I'll stick with this. Especially if people think it is a bust. 

So I am looking for some feedback based on the prototype as is. Also if anyone knows phaserjs/javascript and wants to lend a hand, we can collab-a-dab-dab the code on github Smile 

credits to the artist Sblaka for run chao sprites and the ripper Egadd for the garden and items
[Image: ss.png]

p.s. Its Dr. Robotnik you fool!