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Full Version: Digimon Kingdom
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Well, first i would like to say that is incomplete, i just wanted to upload it to see any suggestion that you guys could bring (Before a make some changes)

You will need to download it to play it, if you dont want to, then you could test this one:

I didnt make that but is pretty close to mines (Kinda), I did "copy" that game :s

It has few features like:
-Register/Login: Create account and start game

-Protect Zones: You will see 32 zones which you can Secure (If its empty), Atack (If someone else is the owner), or Restore (If you own it), is pretty incomplete, Secure is the only one that it works.

-Ranking Colisseum: This is like the "Pvp", You need to atack other players Guardian, if you win you take his place, the goal is to get Top 1, If you dont have a Guardian and someones atacks you, they will take your place without effort Tongue

-Digimon Team: Here you can Upgrade your Digimon, the cost if their stat (Strength 46 cost 46 Gold to get to 47), also you can choose your Guardian.

-Digimon Lab: Here you can "purchase" your Digimon (Actually just 3, Agumon, Veemon and Impmon), By Gold you get normal stats, and with Cristals (Purple thing) it will get x5 Stats, at the beginning you can buy two (Which is the default max limit)

-Tamer Stats: Placeholder....

Anyway, if you download it and test it, dont click on "Atack" in Zones, its glitched and it will crash the game, In a future it will be upgraded, more animation, better design and more stuff (Or that is what im expecting for)

Download Link:
I think you have to change the UI font, change text position in some buttons to be well aligned and do a background less blue.