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throw out ideas. vg ideas. name ideas.

ive been stumped on thinking up a name for my game and sometimes ill just say random words or sentences and see what happens

also its nice to bounce ideas off people so one person's spitball might be another person's gold or no that sounds gross. but i mean GameFreak made a Horse Racing Solitaire game so theres really no bad idea just an unrefined idea or sometimes a bad idea but 

what if those episodes of Dr Who where the different Doctors meet up and work together except all the Family Feud hosts meet up and its a time travel trivia rpg and each host has their own stats

or like. rhythm sports game where the beat is a sample of fans stomping or clapping from the bleachers and the rhythm itself can be affected by how good you are aka how much everyone is cheering you on. like a battle rhythm game
I've been planning on basing a small RPG off of the musical piece "Hall of the Mountain King." Basically little dude gets caught in a mountain, tries to get Mountain King's stuff, and tries to get away. 13 hour school days have cut into that though
what about. like. stealthy game.

so the riff is quiet and slow when u move slow. riff speeds up n gets louder (like in the song) when u move faster

if ur caught by a whatever mountain guard thing u gotta fight it
I... I should probably incorporate that. Or something like Red Light Green Light, where you have to match your speed to the music's pacing. I still want to have it more traditional and party based though, just because of the challenge and I'm on this FF/Undertale kick
what about a game where this evil calamity of some sort is hunting you down, destroying everything in its path, and it won't stop until you're dead.
so like, it's killing a lot of innocent people trying to get to you and the desperate people decide the only way to stop it and save their own lives is to end yours...

does letting all of these people die, and killing some of them in self defense, for your own survival make you as evil as the thing that chases you? Shouldn't you just sacrifice your own life for the greater good? Who is the real villain here, anyway? All these questions and more
so a survival horror/harvest moon where u befriend ppl n shit
but the longer u survive the more townspeople die

u can fight the final boss (the great evil) at any point in the game, so you have to level up/get strong enough to beat him before all the townspeople die
(10-02-2016, 08:24 PM)Sengir Wrote: [ -> ]or like. rhythm sports game where the beat is a sample of fans stomping or clapping from the bleachers and the rhythm itself can be affected by how good you are aka how much everyone is cheering you on. like a battle rhythm game

So is the focus on the rhythm aspect of the game, or is it a combination of rhythm and action? Because I'm almost picturing something akin to Henry Hatsworth, but swap out the puzzle segment for powering up and swap it with a rhythm game.

What I find more interesting with the sports and fans concept is that the rhythm part is actually grounded in the concept of the game, whereas in Henry Hatsworth the puzzle segment almost didn't actually seem to exist within the same universe as the action gameplay. Then again I've never played the game, so I could be wrong.
Just chiming in, in Henry Hatsworth the enemies you kill in the top screen become blocks in the puzzle, they literally fall down into it. Also there are various powerups you can get by removing those blocks which affect the top screen. Not sure if that's different than what you thought it was but just wanted to clarify that since the puzzle is quite connected with the rest of the game, even though it's in a different "universe" (Henry himself doesn't interact with the puzzle or anything).
This here is a good thread

I have some ideas about that badminton game, I hope to work on it in a near future
A platformer game where you cannot jump, but you can hang on midair indefinitely. You can lift yourself with elevators and then hang on midair to wait for another platform
Sounds like a good idea for a setting where there is no gravity, but it could also just be some sort of nonsensical world, too.
(10-02-2016, 08:24 PM)Sengir Wrote: [ -> ]rhythm sports game where the beat is a sample of fans stomping or clapping from the bleachers and the rhythm itself can be affected by how good you are aka how much everyone is cheering you on. like a battle rhythm game

when i think "rhythm battle" i think the metronomicon 

it's p. good but that's more like "RPG rhythm game" whereas i think you're implying like the idea of a sports game. like, i'm just helping you with your idea guy ideas but like if im grasping what you're looking for, like - 
air-hockey at an arcade (blacklight optional) but with a crucial emphasis on the rhythm between shots? like, if parappa was there and there's a huge emphasis on call-and-response, but every successful chain builds "hype" on each side.

the only problem i'm thinkin about atm is what's stopping you from mashing out notes and expecting your opponent to actually try and match it...
So I have a trio of minor projects I'm working on outside of TFR, but I can't decide where to put my focus right now, so
I thought I'd post the gameplay styles here and see what people would want to see more:

1. Another shoot-em-up like Halloween Attack. In fact it's based on that engine. Basically consider it an expansion or sequel, depending on how much work I put into it.

2. A Contra style game, which I wanted to have done in time for Halloween, but didn't. It's dumb and tongue-in-cheek, and the assets are a mishmash of NES sprites, but I've put careful attention into the engine and I have fun using it.

3. A Castlevania 1 or 3 style game with Zelda concepts.
Basically I thought up once "what if Zelda was a 2D platforms like CV first and CV was the top down adventure". This is mostly just fangame fodder, but the assets I wanted to make in CV style and I would be able to use the engine for original content later.
I keep thinking of mobile AR games, in the vein of Pokemon GO, with a violent element. Of course, you don't kill people on the street, but maps are planned like real life, but in an alternate reality full of strange criminals, and I don't just mean strange like Pruneface and Flattop...

I had the idea that, to take the edge of a mobile kill-'em-up game, there is no real "death" - like, scientists in this world "cured" death or something, and everyone regenerates Doctor Who style. Of course, some regenerate nicer, some meaner, and some in hideous ways, even heroes. To survive, it's necessary to regenerate the criminal element while keeping yourself intact, lest you come back with a warped mind no better than the scum you clean up.