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Full Version: Classic Sonic Sprite Sheet. How does it look?
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it's not very fluid but you put some "lines" in there to indicate quick motion. looks good.

you may want to skim through the spriting dictionary located under important threads. they might guide you with addressing flaws like jagged lines and pillowshading. Smile
I don't know if this is helpful, but here is the new sprite sheet so far. It's far from done.
You still pillowshaded everything. That's a really big issue, and I'd really recommend fixing it. Your red shades could use some more contrast and hue-shifting, as well.
i don't exactly what you mean by the official palette for classic sonic. he's gone through many variations of colors and i'm not quite sure which one your sprites resemble.

If it's generations classic sonic, you should still add some more contrast.

Well, I thought this sheet was official. All I did was take the colors and make a paletteĀ out of them.
I think his shoes are a little too long and have to be more curved.
And try adding more frames. But in average good looking animations.
This is definitely a good improvement over the original. I would say he's just a tad too chubby, the spike coming from his back is a bit too thick and you could use a bit more contrast with the highlights. Other than that, it's fairly nice. I do kind of miss the lighter pallete you were going for. If done right, it could've been a very unique and interesting new palette for Sonic.
So whilst doing some things I managed to collab(ish) with Xtuart on dA!
Also have a custom sonic 1 endpose!
I like the classic sonic sprites you made on the left.
The dark one looks really good. The pixel art is weird though.
(09-22-2016, 08:57 PM)SketchAnimations Wrote: [ -> ]I made a new waiting based on Sonic Mania...
[Image: ijyEk6F.gif]
I think I did pretty good on this one!

You actually did. Smile
Alright. It's been a while, but I've started from scratch once again. The end result is much better then when I first started.

[Image: fxIdzjD.png]

What do ya' think?
Decided to take my original sprite from the very beginning and make it more...sonic-y, enjoy the 1 sprite I guess.
[Image: unknown.png]
This does look way better.
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