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Full Version: [Rev-Share] Looking for Amateur Artists for Pixel Art Game
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Hello, I am part of a small group of young, determined college students who have decided to create a pixel art game over the summer. We are currently finishing the design phase of things and would like to move on to art/code, thus, we are in need of a couple artists to help bring our game to life.
It is worth noting, of course, that we are amateurs, and we expect the same from you. We don't have much experience in this field, and we are creating this to learn as much as we can before we move on to fuller-sized games. With that said, we are still very determined to create this game, we have a steady workflow, and we try our absolute best to create the most appealing product possible. We would like to make a name for ourselves and have projects under our belt for the future, and so we hope you want the same.
We would prefer artists of our gauge, so that we can learn and grow together, but there is always much to learn even for seasoned pixel artists. Down below are the requirements to apply.
- 18 years or older
- Previous digital work/portfolio of work (something to show us your style and perception)
- Passion for making games, and the excitement and diligence to work on a game
- Skype & English speaking
Please send me an email at NOPE with your contact info and your portfolio, and what country you are located in.
this is a prospectous topic.
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