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Full Version: Spriter Progress
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Hello everyone, I'm new in these forums. Just wanted to tell you all about my backstory as an spriter, as well as showcase some of my recent work and receive some feedback.

First off, Gardevoir.
[Image: D2a17BT.png]
  • This was my first attempt at spriting without using someone else's sprite. 
  • It's pillow-shaded.
  • And before you start throwing bad comments at me...
[Image: _old__gardevoir_v_1_0_by_tmanex2013-dab7zfu.png]
  • Huge difference, right?
  • Something was off about this one so I decided to give it a redesign.
[Image: gardevoir_v2_0_by_tmanex2013-dabegno.png]
  • The final product came out to be this version of Gardevoir.
  • Not the best, but I sure made some good progress, right?
Okay, that was it for Gardevoir. Now off to my other recent spritework:
[Image: hector_from_fire_emblem__blazing_sword_b...ab7z3i.png][Image: 89e9341be09e5f42d1839d31e2c8f8e3-dab81gx.png][Image: falco__star_fox__by_tmanex2013-dadpqjm.png][Image: lady_lyndis__fire_emblem__by_tmanex2013-dadtpre.png]
Some of the characters I've sprited. Let me know which one is your favorite so far, and what I could do to progress more.
[Image: e5d1728c82f078f812349f9006f79d1f-dadwt1c.png]
Dillon from Dillon's Rolling Western.
I love how this one came out, asides from him being my all-time favorite Nintendo character, I'm really fond of this sprite.

That wraps up the showcase. Any opinions, suggestions, or even requests?
Really good work.

The posing is a bit stiff, and that's all I really see when it comes to issues.