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Full Version: First sprite; critique it!
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[Image: G0Uw6pw.gif]
It's a little small; I have a bigger one (non blinking).
[Image: FiE9UpM.png]
What do you think? This is my first sprite, so help me get better.
It is looking pretty good so far. I say one fix the"shading"on the eyes, make the legs bigger, fix the back legs"position. Otherwise looks"pretty"good.
I really can't tell what the design on the back is supposed to be, it's shaded striped that lack any definable 3D form, it needs to be shaded as a whole as apposed to separately for each stripe. Also the light source on the stripes is coming from the bottom? Make sure to keep highlights/lightsources consistent.
To double on what Joxon said... The shell is really banded... So it has this reality warping segmented look to it... You could fix the shading on the body and give it strong weigh holding legs as well