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Full Version: Random Graphics Help
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There's some general use things I've been anticipating needing over the past few weeks that I might actually be able to put to use soon. Here's a short list of some stuff if anyone has free time and feels like making it:

-A Spritality text for when the move is performed
-A dismal fog kind of effect to be overlaid over the background when a Spritality is performed
-A big selection screen mugshot for Meta
-A poofing dust effect when characters land during heavier attacks.

I forgot other stuff that I wanted or needed, but if anyone has suggestions for stuff we need, feel free to post in this thread. As of right now, these things are kind of lower priority, so if it is cumbersome to do these right now, don't worry about them.
To add, general sound and graphic effects are lacking on my end. The hit GFX provided by Chris2Balls in his sprite sheet are great, but they're the majority of the GFX in my build. I'm also only using less than a handful of SFX, also provided by Chris2Balls from a while ago.
Oh, another thing I thought of for Viper's Midnight Moe. Was wondering if I could get some pink heart effects to float around when he performs it, and MAYBE a nosebleed spray effect? I was also thinking he should have a voice bubble that says "Moe" or "Moe Moe".

Oh, the way I have people appear after transforming for it is having them lit with a spotlight. I have a placeholder that's just a gold version of a beam of light graphic from Final Fantasy 6, but I'm open to a more official, custom one. If it's too hard to visualize, I'm REALLY REALLY planning to update the build tonight, I just have to finish programming the Spritality reactions into the last few characters.
[Image: 36cEkHr.png]
Working on it.
Something else that I just thought of for elemental hit effects:

-A hit spark for moves that shock, freeze or burn respectively
-Some ice chunks for when a player's freeze status is broken
-Some fire effects to overlay over a character when burned

I'm forgetting something, I'll try and remember after work.
[Image: bOHisbQ.gif] [Image: p1rKQaX.gif] [Image: bQteTHA.gif] [Image: erRi3hF.gif] [Image: IjhJh0t.gif]

[Image: LxlnEqq.png]

I did stuff.

Changed the Fire Spark. I'm still not feeling it 100%, but I don't want to make just an explosion. I believe an explosion effect was used for Gors' bullet moves in one of the games, so maybe that's more suited as a fire hit spark?

Also added dust cloud.
[Image: TWG4c13.gif] [Image: Mgj2ZrU.gif]

[Image: 4ivR5jN.png]

Added ice debris and redid the fire hit spark again.

Added nose bleed and heart for Viper and Spritality text.
I've started implementing bits of these graphics and they look really good. The Spritality Text is especially awesome to see now, I did a little extra with it, too.
[Image: frYiV4e.png]
Moe spotlight
That looks really awesome. I just wonder whether it might be too big, even if I didn't scale the Sprite up like I am forced to do with the majority of other sprites.

I'll test it in a few hours as soon as I'm home.
The top can be cropped off if it's too tall.
It turns out it just looked a lot bigger resolution than I thought on my mobile. I did have to scale it up like the rest and it only crops off a little.

Looks really great by the way! Thank you!
[Image: rWkrMIQ.png]
[Image: 4SL7MmQ.png]
Added something stupidly simple, but might make Spritalities look better.
Instead of fading away, Spritalitied targets explode in these Spritality particles. They're two 3-frame animations, one light and one dark. Think of 'em as the bones and blood from the classic Mortal Kombat games, but more PG.