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Full Version: Super Aliens
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Super Aliens!
[Image: untitled_zpsk1orhsg0.png]
Because putting Super in front of everything is the Nintendo way!

Super Aliens is basically a remake of an old Famicom Disk System Aliens game that was never officially released.
Changes include a distinct lack of colour restrictions, parallax backgrounds (eventually), better physics, scrolling to the left and maybe more content.

This is mostly a fun little side project and I'd love to hear everyone's thoughts on it and the idea of reviving old games in general. Big Grin

Sprite shading still looks a bit.... lacking?

Put some more shading, definitely.
[Image: SuperAliens_zpsreqk7hur.png]
(07-21-2016, 04:59 PM)Fillerthefreak Wrote: [ -> ]Sprite shading still looks a bit.... lacking?

Put some more shading, definitely.

Got the engine playing right now, I'll work on that next. Genki ^_^
The backgrounds look really good.

Just the sprites need a touch up, though. They sorta clash with the style.
Along with facehuggers, it is a well known fact that the incredibly poppable eggs of Internecivus Raptus produce old timey game power ups as a metabolic byproduct. Tongue
[Image: untitled_zpst251p6xi.png]
How's this? I'm also thinking of giving Ripley darker hair... Since she did have darker hair... But something feels off... :/
Maybe I need to rework the whole palette and pull out the Aliens DVD again.

[Image: untitled_zps2huzl3dx.png]


Ok! So I tried something:
[Image: untitled_zpssqt4ywki.png]

Based on the colour scheme of her action figure:

[Image: untitled_zpsfesuzn6i.png]
Redid the eggs now as well. Genki ^_^


[Image: untitled_zpsyw6vg3ud.png]
[Image: ExplodeDaEgg_zpszdcina84.gif]

So satisfying. Tongue

The first stage is pretty much complete, just need to polish up a few things and bug check and then hopefully it'll be ok for a demo! Genki ^_^


[Image: untitled_zpscd266ozz.png]

[Image: untitled_zpsthvfipx9.png]
Thinking of redoing the Aliens based on their AvP arcade sprites, and the Marine was just for fun. Tongue