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Full Version: My Dragon Ball Pixels
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I was bored some time ago and I made a Pixel Art of Dragon Ball. Now I decided to continue working on it. Feedback is welcome. 

[Image: FyzJvz4.png]
you need more anatomical training, as the poses are very stiff and unnatural.

Goku's legs are very noodly compared to the rest, and his chest seems very large, with thick neck. The colors seem alright however, and you need to work more on the face, which lacks depth.
Pretty nice actually. Their facial expressions seem a bit plain though.
Keep at it Big Grin
a nice quirky style, i like it Tongue
I'm going to echo what Gors said in regards to the anatomy and bring up that you really should be looking at your references more critically. Right now your sprites are really just suffering from those particular issues and I feel that you could benefit by either getting screenshots from the anime, finding concept art, or pages from the manga.

Also, in regards to the anatomy: Loomis, Loomis, Loomis. Andrew Loomis is literally going to be your friend if you're willing to put the time and energy in learning how to draw or sprite the human body.