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Full Version: MLDT/PJ style Turbo/King Candy sprite
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Hi, since I am planning to make a fangame in the art style of Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam, I decided to see how well I can make custom sprites in that style. This character, originating in Wreck-it Ralph, will not be in the fangame (as it's technically still set in the Mario universe) but since I recently rewatched that movie I decided to use him for my first serious attempt at the style (and one of my first serious attempts at spriting in general). So what do you think?

[Image: king_candy_turbo_mldt_pj_custom_sprite_b...a9cjbd.gif]
Pretty solid! I think King Candy's nose and chest could use a bit more defining though.
Thank you! I'm just afraid to use too many colors that aren't used anywhere else on the sprite. I know he has a pinkish nose in the film, but I couldn't get that to look right in the sprite (the darker pink was replacing the shine on the tip of his nose, basically)

But if I ever revise this sprite I'll take that into consideration.