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Full Version: Gors's Catch-all Thread
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I have made lots of "one-shot" pixelarts that don't warrant a topic on its own but I don't want to flood the general thread so here ya go

[Image: 4d9ebc6b98c05e37f7267eb128260b5b.png]
PC-88 limitation pixelart (3-bit palette + tall pixels)

[Image: f0420f91be5251a0f0c48000faeb368c.png]
Nighttime pixels (this one uses photoshop mask effects to enhance the feel)

[Image: harumi.png]
Fujisawa Harumi from the famous anime Megaねっこみみ (go watch it it's cute and awesome)

[Image: mccree__r1407959351.png]
Overwatch's McCree, after all it's high noon somewhere in the world. Right?

[Image: cb34d8580713e57e639548c080fdec2c.png]
8x8 Andes font. You know, the Skullgirls or Bioshock font. That one.
i've never heard "3-bit" used in my life and now i'm just so amazed to have heard it for the first time o-o
was it like, really a bitch to do that "cross-stitching" stuff in your pc88 pixel art, or is there a tool you can use to do it easily? more specifically talking about how i.e. there's a layer of red on top of yellow to make orange, but it's all drawn in pixels.
this is all pure pixelarting!! it took me a buttload of time. totally not doing one of those again so soon.
Quote:photoshop mask effects

Great character work, though. ^.-.^