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Full Version: MegaMan X - ZETA Protocols
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Greetings to the VG-Resource Community!

I would like to present my current project in development called: Mega Man X - ZETA Protocols.

Platforms: PC, Mac OS X, iOS, Android

Mega Man X - ZETA Protocols is a Mega Man X Fan Game project I have begun programming in April 2016 which is estimated to release in Fall 2017.
The game and it's engine is being programmed in C++ for a smooth framerate on all platforms with the best optimization possible only requiring a PC or a device with the hardware equaling the processing power of a Playstation 1.
Also the Graphics API SDL is employed which also allows me to port the game to Mac OS X/iOS and Android so everyone can play the game anywhere they want.

It is the year 23XX and the world took cyberpunkish nuances evolved rapidly due to new discoveries in robotics.
Doctor Wren an introverted computer/robotics scientist achieved to decrypt the mystery of the 'conscience' and founded ZETA_Labs to profitize his achievement implenting conscience chips to reploids of governments, household devices, open public vehicles and terminals.
This achievement leads to lessening the necessity of the humans leading to tension betweens Reploids/Robots and the Humans.
Reploids manufactured by ZETA_Labs begin to turn Maverick due to an unknown cause and attack humans in the year 237X reactivating the Maverick Hunters who were in hiatus.
Fact is that Dr. Wren is not responsible as it seems on first sight for the Reploids going Maverick.
(This is just a snippet of the story, there is more but I do not want to spoil too much because there is one or two surprises for MegaMan fans)


The gameplay will be the same like MegaMan X1-X3 in terms of physics whereby the character sprites will be based on the MegaMan X4 ones while altered in their style.
Regarding the stages I will not recycle Tilesets/Backgrounds from the older titles, new ones will be created to fit the X4 character sprites.
This game will not be a 'Megavanoid' aka. Open-World and will be classical - stage based with the exception that there will be a Hub where you can buy Upgrades/Chips/Custom Armors/Custom Weapons. (Custom Armors do not mean Armors Like the Blade/Shadow/Ultimate armor and so on.)
Custom Armors and Weapons will be available in the Hub store after unlocking them defeating specific Robot Masters from older MegaMan games whereby their corresponding stages will be remaked totally and extended with new portions of sections.

*3 Playable Characters (X,Zero,X-KAI and a new one which you will unlock after reaching a special story event in the game)
*12 Robot Masters
*New Tilesets from the ground up (*Current ones are placeholders*)
*MegaMan X4 Physics
*Dynamic Lightning and Light Strobes
*Particle system for better effects
*Central Hub with a shop
*Custom Armor and Weapons
*Classic Armors reimagined
*Compatible with iOS and Android Phones
*more to come..

[Image: 4df0755beff76733774cb9f601e7b26a_da7kfkv.png]

will be uploaded once I am satisfied with the progress of the engine.

Programmers: CyberWolf
Spriters: -spriters needed! send me a PN if interested 
Beautiful graphics, well detailled.
Wow dude, it looks amazing, the only thing i didnt like was the Healthbar, It doesnt look fresh like the rest Tongue

Also.... I know there was a Megaman for Android, but i dont think is the same as with Controller or PC, Unless you are prettending to make it easy?

Im looking into, good luck!
Thank you.

I think I will replace the healthbar with a better one Smile
Regarding Android, I will implent Controller support, but the experience won't be the same as with a PC indeed.
I will not compromise the difficulty because of Android and it's input methods.
Thank you for the feedback and interest!