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Full Version: Princess (Fantasy Catventure) [Player]
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[Image: cZG1aQm.png] Act 1: [Image: s42ayNm.png] Act 2: [Image: Sm2MgU8.png]
I got bored and making that new character art for Robo9 got me in the mood to make some pixel art.
I'm not sure if I'll ever finish this, but I'll likely update her every once in a while.

Princess Princess (from my Game Maker shooter game, Princess Fantasy Catventure)
Princess rules over Yumyum Kingdom, where the air always smells sweet and fruity. Her special powers are firing magic bullets and gaining a temporary power-up from eating certain kinds of fruit. Red fruit gives her fire-type bullets, yellow fruit rapid fire etc.

As a fighter, she can rely on her projectiles, which she fires using her punch attack. She can fire up to three projectiles in a row, followed by a short cooldown time.

<=To Be Continued=|\||


[Image: dBSgAP5.gif]

Forward running animation!
Also made a standard bullet, hitspark and, in case you missed it, a character portrait. All the stuff are in the first post.
Do you recognize who I used as a model for the character portrait?


[Image: deO0ffA.gif]

She's in it to win it!

[Image: Hto0LzL.gif]


Also added Midnight Moe (Pan from Dragon Ball GT) and updated the win animation. First post for images.
Quarter Circle Back Punch - Special 1: Random Fruit Power-up!
Princess randomly picks one of three fruits.
[Image: vhJJ68w.gif] [Image: a08HuIp.gif]
Strawberry Fire: Fires a powerful shot that deals fire damage. (Compared to regular shot, strength x 8)
[Image: LScTchG.gif] [Image: 8vjnl9P.gif]
Lemon Rapid: Fires 10 weak shots in rapid succession, dealing electrical damage. (Compared to regular shot, strength x 0.75)
[Image: qanKep9.gif]
Pear Freeze: Fires a shot that freezes the target. (Compared to regular shot, strength x 5)
Overall, the damage output is significantly greater than a regular shot, but the start-up is slow.

[Image: 706oz3E.gif]
[Image: s42ayNm.png][Image: afb83c934cf930dafec7c8105649fadd.png]

the character select art needs way more dramatic and over the top shading to better reflect hirohiko araki's style. Your shading and lines are too regular and clean

i made a crude edit but it's more for example purposes

edit: black blots are your friend, use them to enhance the silhouette and make a sharp contrast
[Image: Sm2MgU8.png]
I've touched up your edit, but was afraid of editing it too much. Right now, I have a hard time wrapping my head around the shading style, since I'm quite slow on learning shading altogether.
I want to use this version, if that's fine with you, Gors. Anyone is free to finish this, if one feels it's unfinished (I have a hard time telling, but as far as I'm concerned, it's good enough). My priority now is completing the sheet as much as possible.

[Image: dTKIph5.gif]
Ducking's done
[Image: ms66vBM.gif]
She can now shoot while ducking!
Would the ducking shot be a quarter circle back and kick, or a quarter circle from forward to down and punch?
Just duck and punch.

[Image: KpF0ZHV.gif]
Princess' Jump Kick (Jump Punch is reserved for shooting).
Heli Twirl Attack is based on Bouncy Cat Princess' ability from Super Bouncy Cat, where she twirls around to slow down her fall.
Her fall speed is slow and steady during the attack, if not ascending.
Sick of opponents jumping over your shots?
[Image: Zy8kaSl.gif] [Image: AjV9rwr.gif]
Use Back Punch to get 'em while they're airborne.

New Ice Shot:
[Image: uqymL9H.gif]

[Image: 3M6kTAt.gif]
I get knocked down, but I get up again! You'll never gonna keep me down!

[Image: YJlQ4lb.gif]
Beep! Beep! Beep!

[Image: A8ziXjz.gif]
The Bomb Berry from Super Bouncy Cat, normally used by Animies (animal enemies) like the shrew, Baguette, and albino guinneapig, Truffle.
It's a fruit-based weapon, so it seems suitable for Princess. Unlike the other fruit, it's a bad idea to eat this one. It doesn't give Princess bomb powers, it simply explodes on impact. If Princess is all about shooting, she might as well have an explosive weapon too.
I can't see your sprites, I'm afraid. The links look broken to me, sorry. <=/
[Image: Ci68jFa.gif]
Block! Princess turns into Statue Princess for a brief moment.
In Princess Fantasy Catventure, you can unlock a magical leaf known as the Lithos Kitsuleaf to use instead of an assist character. Princess becomes Statue Princess, similar in appearance to the Lithos Army (the golem-type enemies).

(07-02-2016, 04:28 PM)SmithyGCN Wrote: [ -> ]I can't see your sprites, I'm afraid. The links look broken to me, sorry. <=/

Links work just fine for me. Maybe they're broken just for you or only visible for me. I don't know until someone else confirms one or the other.
Everything is looking good to me.
Can also see sprites.
Thanks for the confirmation.

[Image: VK99dDP.gif] [Image: EHtiz63.gif] [Image: YAQNQBj.gif]
Work in progress spritality: Platinum Princess
Princess transformed into Platinum Princess by eating the legendary Platinum Pineapple in order to fight the final boss. Here, she'll summon lightning strikes around her, referencing the lightning attacks of Black Monarch (semi-final boss) and Nuova Tenebra (true final boss) in Princess Fantasy Catventure.

All the neccisary sprites are there. I also made a Platinum Pineapple, so Princess could hold it up before transforming like her Random Fruit Power-up Special, but then the animation would be too long. The Platinum Pineapple's still on the sheet just in case.

More Edit:
[Image: psQyyyd.gif]
There is now a throwing animation for the Bomb Berry.
The imput is quarter-circle forward punch (down to forward punch). The berry is thrown in an arch that's roughly two character sizes (64x2 px) high and 3 character sizes (64x3 px) wide, give or take depending on balancing etc. The berry pulsates from when it's thrown to when it explodes. It explodes when hit by the ground, opponent or any projectile. Princess can also be harmed by the explosion.

Even More Edit:
[Image: CF49q6u.gif]
Time to get the grab stuff done.
[Image: 6VELqG2.png]
im chiming in to say you're doing a great job! You shall be known for your efforts.
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