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Full Version: Non-Named (More debugging)
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EDIT: Finally gave the game a name. Thread name was altered to fit that. Most of my older posts are a bit dated. So ignore them.

This is some sort of game? I have no idea what I'm going to do. But I have a engine done.... sorta.

After seeing how unoriginal my quickly made "Stencyl-tale" engine was. I decided to throw out all the spoiled eggs in the basket, and make something that isn't hackish. The engine has had some tweaks (It's barely even an engine, anyhow). I have been posting some test graphics for this quite a bit, and I finally got the test compiled up for it to be not trash? Anyhow, here's some new stuff compared to Bootleg Undertale.

-Text scrolling has been optimized, it can now also automatically spaces fonts so one can actually read it.

-Running! NPCs can't do this yet, so they lag behind.

-Very barebones NPC following scripts. It's rather buggy, and I have been trying to fix it up, hence the debug info on the test game below.

-Talking animations for NPCs (Dunno why I never supported it before. They also now face the player on contact)

-Corner walking and animations (Always found the older walking style primitive)

-Proper layering! NPCs and maps can now have tiles above and below the player!

[Image: pQKyurX.png]

(Flash test here)

Nothing in here is perfect. In fact, it's pretty buggy. But if there's any changes you want, I might try to implement them. Most of the sprites are test sprites, so ignore how much I reuse the one NPC sprite set.
definitely might want to fix that buggy diagonal following thing

Not sure what else to say, besides it's a good start

I have no complaints over the placeholder graphics, and in fact, my placeholder graphics tend to be worse! XD
The diagonal bug have to be fixed. But good animation.
Thanks for the suggestions!

I have been trying to iron out the bugs, but I am lost in the if/else scripts I have made. (There's about 50+ of them, a couple for each possible direction, and to stop them from moving when the player is on contact with a wall). It might take a bit.
You should learn about state machines (simple) or behaviour trees (not as easy as state machines) for handling player and AI states. That way, you can avoid or atleast reduce the nested mess of many if conditions. They also help remove the need to figure out what the AI is doing based on all of the AI variables because, by being in the state, you implicitly know what it's doing.
The NPC following script has been optimized, and is almost finished. It can sorta follow them right.
Well, I finally fixed up and debugged the following scripts, the NPC will now follow the player right. As the only issues I now need to tackle are animation and clipping based. Due to this, debug HUD has been removed. And for even more debug stuff, pressing 1 will now enable/disable slowdown, so I could have even more assistance on where the scripts kept getting wrong. I also enabled the memory usage meter, just to see how much memory a following NPC would take up, which is like nothing.

The running following script for NPCs still need to be added, but I'm pretty sure just setting the following speed with the player speed multipliers at the same time would work.

The URL in my OP post should have the updated project.

EDIT: removed running, since it was causing issues when I actually tried to make the followers run, too.
Testing out video encoding.

Looks like Tresh.
Hey.. I liked your project.. Which engine do you are using ? Unity ?
(07-05-2016, 04:38 AM)pimptech Wrote: [ -> ]engine
As you can see in the game canvas and URL, Stencyl is used (visual programming).
Yeah, it is visual coding. Some classical coding might be needed for other, complex features, though. Anyways, I updated the game (After what felt like ages) with a truck load of new features.

-Following script is now done. Thank god.

-Pressing C now does the follower's action (For the only one right now, you just hear information of the location), rather than pause, re-bounded to V to pause. Running will now be removed, as it'll be a feature as one of the followers.

-Talking animations now exist.

-Animation and picture fixes to some sprites.

Anyways, sorry for pretty much making this project look like it'll be abandonware. Going to be working on it more often.

EDIT: Forgot to mention, URL in OP link will just bring you to the newer project.
So the text-drawing script was re-drawn to both allow the lines to be lowered anytime I want when the ~ key is read in a text string, or when the text reaches near the end of the box. Since I found out how to make crystal-clear .gifs, just let the NPC explain everything.

[Image: SFnxhkB.gif]
btw, another font design thing

Usually, tall lowercase letters (b,d,f,h,k,l) are at least as tall as the capital letters (some fonts even make them taller). This makes reading text easier.

Did so, the letters you wanted were raised up a bit. I also made the exclamation mark about as tall as a capital letter.

Anyways, here's a rough inventory menu, I dunno if I should make the icons better, or what? HUD is always one thing I suck at.

[Image: d3ArCby.gif]

EDIT: For some reason, the brightness was altered in the other gifs, this is the correct colour.

EDIT 2: Redid HUD, does it look better?

[Image: 6B3YXzg.gif]
This is the Notebook, it was going to be a option on the pause menu, but I'm just going to put it as a different section of the items menu, since it would make more sense, IMO.

It's main purpose is to unlock over scripted events, and allow you to trace back to some minor information about stuff in the game's story. The Yellow box is where pictures would go, these are for more detailed icons on what they describe. As the text is below. Sorta-ish like the cut MEMO feature in Mother 3.

[Image: UFzrSzY.png]

I honestly might redo the UI here to look like a book, since that's what it is, honestly. Most are written null or are just full of placeholder text and icons, since this will be one of the last things finished before the game is done.
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