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Full Version: Version 1.6 of Wreck-it-Ralph unity
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[Image: Wreck-it-Ralph_unity_screenshot.png]

The 3d Wreck-it-Ralph fangame made with Unity in Version 1.6.
This isn't to follow the story of movie, but freely explore their worlds with Wreck-It-Ralph and Vanellope.
-Added the Sugar Rush racers: Includes Taffyta, Candlehead, Minty, etc.
-Added water sounds
-Added vehicles
-Some imperfections corrected.
-It Added 2 more animations, New idle and basic facial expressions in many characters (mainly Bowser, Vanellope, etc.)
-Added the Wreck-it-Ralph museum
-Double sided in the hair of Wreck-it-Ralph


[Image: Wreck-it-Ralph_unity-_Pac-man.png]
[Image: Wreck-it-Ralph_unity_portait.png]
[Image: Wreck-it-Ralph_unity-_Mario_bros.1.png]
Lighting and shading have to be upgraded.
P.D.: I'm Forgot add the gameplay ,sorry Shy
(06-12-2016, 11:12 AM)ofihombre7 Wrote: [ -> ]P.D.: I'm Forgot add the gameplay ,sorry Shy
Dude, the lag is real Tongue

Well, after all these days i finally download it (Too bad because you showed the video right now), The game has an Objetive? i entered to different worlds but i couldnt do anything (Well, in Pacman i collected Balls and Coins), Sugar Rush is lagged, if you use a video of it your PC will reboot :v

But pretty cool, i started with Unity 3 Days ago and this game works great as inspiration (You said you were using Game Maker, how long have you been using Unity?)

Also, next time could you upload Mac and Windows in diferent links? is a shame to download both if you are only going to use one Cute
I will explain for some reasons:
1. I made the gameplay with Apowersoft, so it's slow and lags, and of course to record the Sugar rush, I would go superslow and would have to record it with a program of more powerful catch.

2. The objective is to walk on the worlds freely as you like.
If I could put some challenges in future versions, I will need more experience with programming (For as yet only had months with Unity)

3. If it is a shame download with Mac, then download it to the Windows or Web player would be safe options.

4. You can go to the museum from the game to see and read information from the other games (which have clear objectives) and on the side of "2014 fangames" which are made in Game Maker, look them in IndieDB or, and I will put examples:


Gradually I willl improve with the development in Unity.
The game design have to be more detailled.
Detailed? At least it is graphically rather detailed in many models and textures. Well, I understand that in some parts you missing something, but it is more sound and physical minors. You should have downloaded and played the game before saying what is missing.
[Image: Wreck-it-Ralph_unity_made_with.jpg]

The game info also appears in Made with unity web: